Supramax BC - built : 20010-2012
Request id 278
Category Bulk carrier
Build Year 2001...
Request added date 2021-03-22
Added by Christian Heller (ARA Shipbrokers Hamburg GmbH)
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Original message

Supramax BC - built : 20010-2012
Good afternoon,
our local/direct Buyers are now getting ready for the purchase of a Supramax BC
along the follwg lines:
- Supramax BC
- Abt 10 years of age
- Buyers can consider any yard (Japan slightly preferred)
- The preference is for TC-free delivery with reasonable prompt dates
Pleased to hear your proposals of firm/workable vessels together with Sellers
price ideas/your guidance. Private candidates will be treated accordingly.
Awaiting yours,
best regards
Christian Heller
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