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vsls / purchase enquiries (CODE771VV34 please don't remove the code)
Purchase enquiries:
Looking for:
About 40,000 MT tanker (clean or dirty).
Blt.: 2008-2010 Japan, Korea, Europe etc...
China blt vsl can be accepted as well.
Vsl with or without ice class can be considered.
Delivery WW.
If the seller can offer more than 1 vsl en bloc purchase
can be considered.
Direct "out of market" candidates are preferable.
There are some candidates have been circulated or listed
on websites are well know already please offer only
if you are direct.
Looking for:
Gen. cargo vsl
Blt after 2002
DWT up to 5,000 MT
GRD or Gless
LOA 95M max.; ho/ha 1/1
Location: S.E.A. pref.
Delivery: prompt a.s.a.p.
Direct offers please
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