P/e- ROLO and MPP
Request id 309
Category Multi-purpose
Class IACS
Build Year 1980...
Price 850,000...
Request added date 2021-11-28
Added by Hung (Hung Tuan)

Measured weight

DWT 2500...
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Original message

P/e- ROLO and MPP
Dear Sirs,
Our client looking for
1) RO-LO
Dwt 2500 +
Built: 1980+ Try a few years older if in decent condition
Cranes: minimum 2 x 30 ts each. Must be possible to use combined
Class: IACS member only. Next DD preferably min 6 months from delivery
TEU: 200+
Bow thruster
Price: Up to USD 850,000 Try somewhat more, or over 1 mill with bbhp
2) MPP suitable for containers, not celled
TEU capacity minimum 200
Dwt 3000 +
Class IACS member only Next DD minimum 6 months from delivery
Built 1982 +
Cargo cranes minimum 2 x 30 ts each. Must be able to use combined
TEU 200+
Bow Thruster
Price up to USD 850,000. Try up to about 1 mill with bbhp
Pleased to hear !
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