+++ URGENT +++ 1-2,000 pax cruise / ropax TC requirement
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Category RoPax ship
Flag fj
Request added date 2021-11-28
Added by Constantinos I. Diveris (C.I.D. Group)
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+++ URGENT +++ 1-2,000 pax cruise / ropax TC requirement

Re: 1-2,000pax cruise/ropax TC requirement
We have been requested to UREGNTLY propose 1-2 cruise or Ropax units as follows for an 6mos (+ 6mos option) TC for units as follows:
- 1-2,000pax (max no. of cabins and beds)
- Any age / Foreign flagged OK
- Deck and engine crew ONLY
- Dely/Redly Southern USA (always alongside)
- Charts willing to contribute to repositioning cost for units outside USG.
Charts appreciate it’s high season and are willing to pay appropriate rates to secure suitable ships.
Pls propose any/all candidates including Vsls dets, TC rate ideas and vsls current location.
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