p/e tanker
Request id 362
Category Oil tanker, Chemical tanker
Class Iacs
Build Year 2009...
Request added date 2021-11-28
Added by Mohamed Tantawi (transrol)

Measured weight

DWT 2500...

Ship dimensions

Length overall (LOA), m 78...
Vessel draft, m 6...
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Original message

p/e tanker

Good day
RE : S&P enquiry - 2-2500 tdw tanker IMO II
Dear Sir,
Serious Buyers looking for a small tanker under following main
- 2-2500 tdw tanker IMO II
- Built 2009 or younger.
- Maximum 78m length and 6m draft
- Able carry min 5 different products
- Iacs class
- Vessel is to work at European waters so delivery to be nearby.
Waiting your replt.
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