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Wanted general cargo vessels DW 3000 - 6000 mts FOR OUR FLEET

Dear Sirs, We are looking the below vessel for our own fleet: - DW about 3 - 6000 mts (try more /less); - age: max 25 years; - hold/s: full box with good cubic; - good capacity - gearless (preferable) Please advise if you have such candidates. We are ready to consider other variants too. ==== WE ARE ALSO PERMANENTLY INTERESTED ON NEW CLIENTS FOR OUR TECHNICAL SHIPMANAGEMENT --Tks /BRGDS Capt. Alexander Svet / MD Klip Marine Shipmanagement Ltd. (Reg. No. 10683709, ISO & ISM certified by BV) Ship Management (since 1990), Ships Sale and Purchase (since 1992), Pre-purchase inspection, Ships Valuation, Ships Finance and Marine Consultation. 12/6, Masti str. ,Tallinn 11911, Estonia Mob + 372 5 3445261 Ph. + 372 6 813001 (direct)/2/3/4/5 Fax + 372 6 813007 /8 E-mail: (for ships S+P)
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