Purchase inq for a Tanker of 1500-2000 tons
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Category Oil tanker, Chemical tanker
Request added date 2017-10-09
Added by Mr.Bobby (TNT SeaTrans Services)

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Length overall (LOA), m 60...
Vessel draft, m 3.8...
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Purchase inq for a Tanker of 1500-2000 tons
- Purchase inq for a Tanker of 1500-2000tons
- LOA 60 - 80m - draft 3.80m.
- 3 segregations: (gasoline - diesel - jet)
- The tanker will transport diesel, car gasoline and jet for aircrafts and helicopters.
- The vsl MUST be classified as deep sea and without navigation restriction.
- The vsl must be Solas completely.
- Class ONLY: BV or Rina or GL.
- Speed 12 to 14 knots.
- All Wheelmark navigation equipment.
- AGE : new ship up to at 15 years old.
- Budget accordingly that will be negotiated.
- PREF inspection/delivery SPORE, FEAST.
= Pls adv If you have vsl VERY CLOSE to abv specs.
Buyer willing to follow his own proceedure for next steps.

With Regards,
TNT SeaTrans Services
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